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AAA Translation Services provides legal sector French-English translations

French-English Translation Services in the Legal Sector

Legal Translation Services 

Perhaps you need a translation of your company’s by-laws or of a work contract from French to English. Maybe you are acquiring or selling property for yourself or on behalf of a client and need to have various documents translated. Or you wish to bequeath or have inherited property in a jurisdiction where a translation of documents from English into Dutch or German will be necessary to facilitate comprehension and comply with legal and other regulations and obligations.

Legal terms and legalese are difficult enough to understand in one’s own language – they can become downright intimidating in a foreign tongue. It’s time to call AAA Translation Services. We specialise in legal translations. We will help you understand any legal documents received in a foreign language and translate yours as required by a foreign jurisdiction. Quite simply, we will facilitate communications, whether you are signatory to documents or contracts or involved in legal proceedings.

AAA Translation Services translates:

  • Appeals
  • Briefs
  • By-laws & Articles of Association
  • Contracts (employment, property sales/rentals, etc.)
  • Court Orders
  • Court Documents
  • Petitions
  • Tenders
  • Wills & Testaments

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