Luxury Goods Sector

AAA Translation Services offers French-English Translation Services

Translation Services in the Luxury Goods Sector

Translation Services in the Luxury Goods Sector

Luxury goods unashamedly project an image of exclusivity: fabulous wealth, an enviable lifestyle and leisure activities well beyond the reaches of the masses. This makes them by nature aspirational.

Transposing the essence of luxury into desirability is the delicate art of enticement. It requires special creative translation skills to communicate the message across language barriers. This is where AAA Translation Services excels in preserving the flair of your brand’s unique marketing messages and cachet.

AAA Translation Services translates:

• Coffee table books
• Luxury goods campaigns (leather goods, clothing, jewellery, perfumes, watches, etc.)
• Product descriptions (jewellery, watches, leather goods, lighters, pens, etc.)
• User manuals (jewellery & watches)

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